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Can't hear any speech?

Make sure the iPhone ringer is switched on (physical switch on the top left of the phone). Also make sure the ringer volume is turned up. NOTE: Music will still play even when the ringer is turned off, unlike MyMotion speech.

Auto Start

This preference (on by default) will start recording and reporting when motion is detected. This requires 4 location updates in succession all getting further away from the first and all greater than 8kph.

Auto Stop

This preference (off by default) will stop recording and automatically save your track when the app determines you have finished. This requires you to have traveled greater than 0.5km and be less than 0.4km from your starting location and have a speed of less than 4kph. This is designed for when you start and finish from the same point, it will not work otherwise (in which case you should manually press stop from the app). In the case of a good signal it typically takes less than 10 seconds to automatically detect a stop like this.

Don't try to use this feature if you are walking, or operating in an area with poor GPS signal, otherwise a false Stop condition may be generated when your indicated speed drops below 4kph, with a poor GPS signal this can happen unintentionally.


This calculation assumes you are running or walking and uses your weight as defined in the Preferences to estimate the energy you have used.


Enter your weight here to improve the accuracy of the energy calculation.


This is the time it has taken you to cover the most recent measure of distance specified.


This is how long on average it has taken you to cover 1 unit of distance (either 1 mile or 1 km depending on the unit setting).

Text Output

This has 3 visual modes that can be cycled through by touching the area. These modes allow you to balance the level of detailed feedback with how much of the map is displayed.