Cost Calculator


The Cost Calculator allows you to combine mathematical expressions with the output of your measurements.

It works by allowing you to enter an expression in written form and insert your measurements as variables. 

Variables available for use are:

area_sqft, area_acre, area_sqyd, area_sqkm, area_hect, area_sqmt

length_mi, length_yd, length_ft, length_km, length_mt


Mathematical operators available are:

“+", “-“, “*", “/", "**”

Mathematical functions available are:

sqrt(), log(), ln(), exp(), floor(), ceiling(), abs(), trunc(), random()

Worked Examples (these can be cut&paste directly into the calculator):


How many 40lb bags required assuming 5lbs of fertilizer per 1000 sqft?

Expression to apply to layer: ceiling(area_sqft * (5 / 1000))/ 40)

Total price of fertilizer assume $20 per bag?

Expression to apply to layer: 20 * (ceiling(area_sqft * (5 / 1000))/ 40))


What length of wire in meters needed to fence an area assuming 3 strands plus 10%?

Expression to apply to layer: (3 * length_mt) * 1.1

How many fence posts assuming a post every 8ft and a rectangular region with each edge on a separate layer?

Expression to apply to each layer: floor((length_mt / 8) + 1)