Digital Zoom

The video above explains how to use the Digital Zoom feature of Land Measure Pro.

Digital Zoom allows you to zoom in even after you have reached the resolution limit of the map. When the main map window will not zoom any further, the digital zoom function allows you to open a new window that will digitally zoom 20 times further.

The main reason you might want to do this is to measure things which are very small and picking on the main window becomes difficult.

Using the same shift plus left mouse button you can create measurements in the digital zoom window, you can also move the map with the middle mouse and zoom the map with the mouse scroll wheel the same as in the main window.

Another feature available to you in the digital zoom window is the ability to auto select regions based on color boundaries. This is similar to the magic wand selection available in some paint applications. To use this feature place the mouse in the middle of an area you want to measure and press control and left mouse button. If the area you want to select is a uniform color different from its surroundings, the application should select the area. You know what has been selected by a dotted line that is drawn around the selection after you press control and mouse. If the area you want is not selected first time you can try using the image controls such as brightness, contrast and posterize to get a clear color separation. Once you have the area selected that you want, press the “make" button to automatically convert the selection to an area.

It can be a hit and miss process getting the selection right, so some experimentation is required.

You can also try using different base maps. Standard maps provide better color contrast than satellite imagery.

In most cases it will still be faster to manually pick the boundary, but if you have a complex area or lots of similar shapes to select (for example houses on a housing estate), this can be a big time saver.