Overlay Image

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The Overlay Image feature in Land Measure Pro allows you to add an image as an overlay to the map that you can then measure on top of. Typical use cases might be a more detailed image of a local area you happen to have, detailed land plans or sketches, or drawings saved as images.

The image needs to have been georeferenced and processed into TMS tile format prior to use in Land Measure Pro.

There are various free tools available to georeference images and convert to TMS tiles; my personal recommendation is MapTiler which performs both functions in one tool. There are other tools such as GDAL and QGIS available; they are powerful but complex for the novice user.

You will need to experiment with the right number of zoom levels to output using the above tools so that you image is visible at the zoom level you wish to use for measuring. For best results I recommend creating tiles at zoom levels 0-18.

Once you have your image georeferenced and processed into TMS tiles, provide the path name to the folder they are stored in with the “Choose Folder…” option from the Overlay Image section of Preferences.

If you want assistance converting your image I can help for a small service fee. Please contact me directly at mymotion@pen.x10hosting.com for this.