Overlay Image

The Overlay Image feature in Land Measure Pro allows you to add an external image (PNG, JPEG, PDF) as an overlay to the map that you can then measure on top of. The image can be plans, old maps, aerial photos or anything that coud be overlaid onto a 2d map. Typical use cases might be a more detailed image of a local area you happen to have, detailed land plans or sketches, or drawings saved as images.

The image does not need to have been georeferenced first, you will size and position the image on the map directly. 

To use this feature first zoom to the approximate area on the map you want to overlay the image. Get as close as possible before opening the image, then check the Overlay Image check box, then select the Choose Image.. button to select an external image. The image can be stored anywhere that the application has access to. Browse to the location, select the file and hit OK.

An orange grid will appear and you can use Ctrl-Mouse to drag the edges of the box to change the size and aspect ratio, or Ctrl-Mouse and drag the center of the box to move the location.